Name Cal’Deth
Age: 124
Race: High Elf
Class Wizard Lvl 3
*Title: *

The Basics

  • Armor Class:16
  • Hit points:15
  • Attacks/Rnd:1/1
  • Hit:+2
  • *Damage:1-6 “Staff” *

Combat Specials:


  • STR:13
  • DEX:19
  • CON:15
  • INT:18
  • WIS:13
  • CHA:14

Proficiency and Skills

Cooldown: 1/5 Rnds
Shockwave: Anyone within 15 ft is knocked prone for 1 round. “Save for knocback only.”

Cooldown: 1 per Rnd
Righteous Fireball:Blasts the target for 1d4 damage per lvl. “Single target damage.”

Cooldown: 1/4 Rnds
Cauterizing Orbs:Creates 3 orbs, each doing 1d8 damage, lasting 3 Rnds. If all 3 orbs are used, creates a shield lasting 3 Rnds that absorbs 8 hps.

Cooldown: 1/7 Rnds
Flash of Brilliance:Marks the ground with runes and can teleport anywhere within 30 yds, setting off a flash at the designated location, dealing 1d6 dmg of purifying light in a 15 ft radius. Has a 4 rnd limit to teleport back to rune location.

Cooldown: 20 Rnds
Channeled: Costs all actions *
*Judgement of Light:
Extends arms, sending out 3 beams of light selecting 3 targets within 30 yds. Each target takes 1d8 dmg per rnd per lvl. Gains 25% of damage done back in health.

Weapons and Gear

WEAPONS:Staff S-M 1-6, L 1-4

ARMOR:Robe “Clothes”




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