Valeneon Chesh

The big guy with the big stick


Name Valeneon Chesh
Age: 65
Race: Dragonborn
Class Paladin
Title: Lom

The Basics

  • Armor Class: Heavy
  • Hit points: 30
  • Attacks/Rnd: 1 first round, 2 second
  • Hit: +6
  • Damage: +10

Combat Specials:


  • STR: 20
  • DEX: 9
  • CON: 11
  • INT: 9
  • WIS: 18
  • CHA: 14

Proficiency and Skills

Golden Aura
Cooldown: 10 rounds
Range: 40 feet (From character as center)
Effect: All damage done is reduced by 50%. Physical Projectile damage is deflected.
Duration: 2 Rounds

Healing Touch
Cooldown: 5 rounds
Range: Touch
Effect: Target regains 1d4 HP per level (1d4 +3)
Duration: Instant

Weapon Mastery: Polearm, Light Dash
Cooldown: 3 rounds, Attack vs. AC
Range: Line-Of-Sight
Cost: 1 attack
Effect: On successful attack roll, dash towards target with a beam of light and knock them prone.
Duration: Instant

Breath of Righteous Fire
Cooldown: 5 rounds
Range: Cone (20 ft foward, 10 ft. wide)
Cost: All attacks/ round
Effect: 3d6 + str modifier + character level. Combustible targets will ignite. Will burn for 2 HP / round.
Duration: Instant

Weapons and Gear

WEAPONS: Halberd S-M 1d10 L 3d6

ARMOR: High Elven Plate, AC: 18



He came from a bad family.

Valeneon Chesh

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